well fitting above knee prosthetic leg


marrried, 4 children, Entrepreneur in the IT Industry.

  • wants optimal function for his prosthetic leg
  • prosthetic leg should be as lightweight as possible
  • short transfemoral stump, requiring extremely precise socket fit
  • prosthetic foot with high degree of energy return

“My problem has always been my very short stump, which makes prosthetic fitting so difficult. Literally, a single millimeter and a few degree angles in the socket shape determines whether I can walk comfortably for a few meters, or many kilometers! When I first met Alexander Schwarz, I was sceptical, as I’ve been to quite a few above-knee prosthetic specialists over the years and didn’t know if I would have my expectations truly met, or have some quiet disappointments again. But even after the first half-hour with Alexander Schwarz, I knew I was sitting beside one of the World’s best.”

“In my opinion, Alexander Schwarz is a prosthetist perfectionist, in the most positive sense. He not only has a tremendous expertise, but also an enormous compassion to get the best result in socket fit, which is so crucial for an amputees quality of life. Even if it takes endless hours of trying and testing. With my prosthetic socket fit, he has found solutions far beyond prosthetic textbook know how. I now have a prosthetic socket that enables me to walk virtually endlessly, something I have been dreaming of since I became an amputee at the age of 23 (due to bone cancer). Also, I now can sit comfortably with my prosthetic leg.”

Also see this short video of Thomas’s walking style, which is very well in face of the short stump. This is only possible with good physical fitness AND a perfectly fitting socket:

More on Thomas’s personal website at ampulife.com:

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