Ottobock Genium X3 Prosthetic Knee

Prosthetic knee joints and feet

There is a wide range of advanced prosthetic knee joints on the market. We put utmost emphasis on an individual fitting, based on the amputee’s level of activity, desire for stance security, as well as our customer’s individual expectations. We do not limit ourselves to products from particular manufacturers. Instead, our criteria for suggesting particular prosthetic knee joints and feet are always based on the individual situation. Because of our specialization in above-the-knee prosthetic legs we have a comprehensive  know-how on a large variety of available prosthetic knee joints and we know about the pro’s and con’s. We are able to “close the gap” between the human being and high-tec prosthetic components professionally and within short time.

Genium / Genium X3 prosthetic knee joint

Currently, the prosthetic knee joint we are using most often is the electronically controlled knee joint “Genium” from Ottobock, as well as the water-proof version, “Genium X3”. Therefore we are pointing out some of the Genium’s unique capabilities:

Optimized physiological gait

Heel contact at 4° knee flexion and not, as with other prosthetic knees, at fully extended leg, resulting in reduced axial load on the adjacent joints and faster foot-to-ground contact. Automatic control of knee flexion with automatic movement restriction, resulting in a safe and easy gait, even on uneven terrain.

Natural stair climbing and crossing obstacles

The stair function allows stairs to be negotiated step-over-step. A flowing movement pattern going upstairs as well as downstairs, the knee being able to put load safely in any position. This also relieves the other leg.


The Genium prosthetic knee joint differentiates quickly between dynamic and static situations. It is possible to put full load on the knee in various degrees of knee flexion. We recommend amputees to make use of this function in order to relieve the sound leg. Of course, putting on at least as much weight on the prosthesis as on the other leg, requires a well-fitting and comfortable prosthetic socket!

Walking backwards

The Genium knee joint’s electronic control prevents collapsing when walking backwards. This provides comfort and safety in everyday situations such as stepping backwards after opening a door.