VGK Very Good Knee prosthesis

Your stay with us

Due to our specialization and expertise in above-knee prosthetic legs, many of our customers come a long way to see us. Therefore our procedures are organized such that your stay with us in Hamburg will be as pleasant as possible – and as time efficient as possible.

If you decide for an above-knee prosthetic fitting with us, you should plan for at least 3 days for an initial check socket. This check socket is the basis of the final socket and that’s the reason why we put so much emphasis on a careful and accurate fitting.

You can spend your time in one of our homely lounges. We provide drinks, Wi-Fi Internet access, magazines, etc. If you like, also for an accompanying person.

The first day starts with a clinical survey and the precise molding of your limb. After that we need several hours for work on the model of your socket. Nevertheless, we guarantee an initial fitting of the socket on the afternoon of day 1. This also includes an initial test of other components such as a prosthetic knee or a prosthetic foot which you might us to provide (we are also happy to just provide you with a well-fitting socket on your existing prosthetic knee and foot).

We will use the following days to further optimize your socket. That requires that you test your socket in various situations, starting in the rooms of our prosthetic clinic. You will test your prosthetic leg while walking on flat ground as well as walking slopes. You will also test walking stairs, sitting on hard ground etc. As you will feel comfortable, you can explore the surroundings of our clinic with their cafés and shops and enjoy the endless attractions of Hamburg. That way you can test your prosthetic leg under real life conditions.

You should document your experience with the new socket design in respect to potential problems in various situations.

We will manufacture your final socket in stage 2. This requires 2 full days, plus one more days of testing and final adjustments. It is up to you if you want to stay in Hamburg for the full time, or whether you take further time to test the socket design in your every day life and return to Hamburg.

In either way we are happy to assist with hotel booking. We are also happy to pick you up from the nearby Hamburg airport.

If you are interested, contact us. For an initial evaluation of what we can do for you, the following information will be valuable to us:

  • Pictures of your existing prosthetic socket, taken from various sides (lateral, front, back, from above, etc.)
  • Which prosthetic knee do you have?
  • Which prosthetic foot?
  • Ideally, you prepare a short video showing your gait (from front and back)
  • Potential problems with your existing prosthesis
  • What do you expect from a possibly better prosthetic leg?

We are looking forward to hearing from you!