Hamburg, Germany

  • Electronic Ottobock Genium knee provides optimal safety and function
  • Difficult, yet successful socket fit despite problematic anatomical variation
  • Comfortable and well fitting innovative prosthetic socket

“In April  2010 I ended up in hospital after a tour with my moterbike. My right leg had to be amputated above the knee. What a horror! And a lot of uncertainties about my future. Fortunately my employer offered me a position in a different department. In my network of motor cyclists I was soon contacted by a lady who, too, is an amputee and who told me about years of trouble because of ill-fitting and painful prosthetic sockets. However,  in the meantime she had heard of Alexander Schwarz who made her a very fell-fitting prosthetic socket and because of that, she re-gained her joy of life.”

“That’s how I came in contact with Alexander Schwarz. He soon enabled me to get rid of my wheelchair and enjoy walking, dancing, driving car and even drive motor bike again. I will be forever grateful to him!”