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Innovative Above-Knee Prosthetic Socket Designs

Flexible prosthetic socket for above knee amputees.A prosthetic socket for above knee amputees need not be rigid and uncomfortable. A prosthetic user’s quality of life should not be restricted by pressure and hard edges. We are pioneers in the development of comfortable and well-fitting above-the-knee prosthetic sockets.

Our requirements for a prosthetic socket are:

  • Maximum comfort both when walking and sitting
  • High degree of freedom for the muscles within the socket
  • Flexible and soft socket brim
  • Optimized transmission of power between limb and prosthesis in every phase of the walking cycle

Flexible prosthetic socket for above knee amputees

Our flexible prosthetic socket design for above knee prosthetic legs results from our long experience with the “MAS” socket shape. However, the MAS socket is relatively narrow in order to prevent bottoming of the ischial bone and thus an unnatural pelvis. Thus, our more active MAS-socket prosthetic users complained about circulatory disorders and pain, and a feeling of tightness. Therefore we wanted to give the thigh muscles more freedom of movement while maintaining stability in standing and walking. This resulted in the development of our flexible prosthetic socket designs.

A prosthetic socket as flexible as possible and as rigid as needed

A practical side effect of giving more freedom of movement to the muscles inside the prosthetic socket was enhanced comfort when sitting. The flexible prosthetic socket prevents twisting and pulling air. As a consequence, we improved the socket designs also for our less mobile customers so they, too, benefit from increased comfort and unprecedented freedom of movement.

For the production we combine flexible polyurethane resins, high-strength carbon fibers and a tear-resistant synthetic fiber (Dyneema).

The great success of this transfemoral prosthetic socket is based on an enormous improvement of comfort in sitting, standing and walking with maximum flexibility, dimensional stability and durability. In the course of many years of close cooperation with our customers, we continually improved many more details affecting socket design and suitability for daily and continual use.

HTV silicone socket

As an alternative implementation for our flexible prosthetic socket, we also combine a lightweight carbon fiber with a silicone inner socket. Silicone provides optimal adhesion of the stump within the socket and thus an improved transmission of power and control, combined with maximum stability and security for the amputee. Furthermore, the socket brim is very flexible enabling a certain degree of deformation and thus an even greater freedom of movement. If required, individually incorporated ged pads can release pressure on sensitive areas.

The material is breathable and skin friendly and reduces perspiration. Also, it is easy to clean as it can be sterilized.

Above knee prosthetic socket innovation

Flexible silicone prosthetic socket for above knee prosthesis.

Flexible silicone prosthetic socket.

Our latest product is a symbiosis of both socket technologies, combining the enormous flexibility with optimal adhesion of the residual limb.